It is important for employers to investigate and resolve claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other employment issues at the earliest possible opportunity. It is also important for employees to come forward with their claim(s) of discrimination to allow the employer to adequately investigate and address the employee’s complaint(s).

Often, one of the issues in employment litigation is whether the employee’s claims were properly investigated.  Not only must the investigator be sensitive to legal issues that become known during the investigation, the investigator must be able to testify with credibility to a jury about the investigation. The person investigating the employment issues needs to be proficient in employment law and very knowledgeable about how to conduct a proper and thorough investigation. Idaho Employment Law Solutions attorney R. A. (Ron) Coulter, through his military service as a Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps and his experience in both the private and public civilian arena has over twenty-five years of experience in thoroughly conducting and reviewing such investigations.

If Idaho Employment Law Solutions conducts the investigation or offers advice based on the investigation, Idaho Employment Law Solutions may be called as a witness about those matters, which could threaten the attorney-client privilege or result in disqualification of the employer’s attorney. Therefore, if Idaho Employment Law Solutions is retained to conduct the investigation for a specific employer, the employer’s attorneys will represent the employer during the litigation and Idaho Employment Law Solutions will testify at trial, if necessary.

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Ron Coulter at Idaho Employment Law Solutions has been an essential part of my small business team for over 16 years. He worked with my company to develop company handbooks, employment contracts, and employee training. His preventative work was key to our success when faced with an actual employee contract dispute in court. I am grateful to Ron’s attention to detail, phenomenal work ethic, and genuine care for his clients. Idaho Employment Law Solutions is a great partner for small businesses who want to succeed.

Codi Galloway