The Minority And Veteran Owned Law Firm Built To Provide Service Their Clients Deserve In The 21st Century

Idaho Employment Law Solutions, a Minority and Veteran owned law firm has made a substantial commitment of resources to ensure the Firm’s technology enables our attorneys and staff to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Reflecting this commitment, the Firm has integrated the latest technology which provides a competitive advantage to our clients and an enhanced avenue of productivity for attorneys and staff. Working in collaboration with our IT partners, the Firm regularly evaluates and upgrades its computer system to provide state-of-the-art technology and communications.  The hardware is coupled with the latest software upgrades to provide the Firm with maximum speed and efficiency.  The Firm’s desktop technology is remotely accessible. We take precautions to ensure security and take into consideration the need to protect privileged information. Authorized personnel can reach the network from any location worldwide. The latter capability allows our attorneys and other professional staff to quickly access internet communications, client documents, perform legal research, and use other tools necessary to work effectively on any legal matter.

Idaho Employment Law Solutions, as a technologically advanced Minority and Veteran owned law firm, is committed to practicing law as a digital law practice well suited for the competitive and diverse legal environment of the 21st Century. To this end, Idaho Employment Law Solutions has thought out and carefully manages how we communicate information within the firm and to our clients. Using scanning capabilities, Idaho Employment Law Solutions makes a full text searchable electronic copy of every document that comes in or leaves our firm at no cost to our clients. All scanned documents and case materials are managed and stored electronically by our case management software. Idaho Employment Law Solutions electronically manages and securely stores all communications and case information. For our business clients who prefer to handle their bills electronically, Idaho Employment Law Solutions can produce Portable Document File (PDF) and Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) billing statements.

At Idaho Employment Law Solutions, it is understood, and indeed it is part of our culture, that a true commitment to superior client service requires a change from the way law has been practice in the past and continues in large measure today. At Idaho Employment Law Solutions, the firm has moved from the old way of practicing law to a forward thinking, innovative and efficient technological communications and information platform for the benefit of our existing and future clients. We are committed to improvement and technological competence in the practice of law. As a present or future client of our firm, we know you will notice and appreciate the difference and will agree that Idaho Employment Law Solutions is truly The Minority Law Firm of Choice for the 21st Century.

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Ron Coulter at Idaho Employment Law Solutions has been an essential part of my small business team for over 16 years. He worked with my company to develop company handbooks, employment contracts, and employee training. His preventative work was key to our success when faced with an actual employee contract dispute in court. I am grateful to Ron’s attention to detail, phenomenal work ethic, and genuine care for his clients. Idaho Employment Law Solutions is a great partner for small businesses who want to succeed.

Codi Galloway

I was involved in an administrative procedure which could have ultimately led to my termination of employment. I contacted Idaho Employment Law Solutions which is owned and operated by Ron Coulter, a career U.S. Marine Corps Officer.  The qualities that impressed me most about Ron, was that nothing was “sugar coated”, Ron was up-front, straight forward, and Ron told me what to expect at each phase of the administrative process. When I asked a question, Ron always took care to provide a complete answer which very often included a follow-up legal analysis that a lay person could understand. Ron is an outstanding and experienced employment law attorney. He was reassuring and effective in his representation of me in this  administrative procedure.  There is no doubt, that the selection of Idaho Employment Law Solutions was the correct choice

Charlene Hamilton